Tuesday 22 March 2011

How Rude!

Yesterday I was innocently minding my own business cycling to work, overtaking cars in the correct position (to their right) when a stupid cyclist whose path was blocked while undertaking the cars swung out into my path without looking. I said “whoa” and he proceeded to swear at me, so I had a go at him and then sped off. He seemed unable to keep up with me, which is strange considering how light his bike looked.
On Friday, I was stuck behind a bus, the driver of which was beeping the horn. I passed the bus to see he was driving about 10cm away from a cyclist in front who was doing her best to keep moving. This was completely out of order.
The irony of the bus incident is that there was an advert on the back of it for the Road Hug campaign being run by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The campaign aims to get every road user treating other road users as if they were friends. An admirable cause.
They are giving away free stuff – a hi-vis and some lights… get yours now at www.roadhug.org
In other news… well I suppose there isn’t much other news. I am going snowboarding again next week though. Bring it on Open-mouthed smile

*edit 12/9/2011 - I never received my road hug pack :(

Wednesday 16 March 2011


dotmit is now in a relationship on facebook. This generated many comments within minutes of being posted.

facebook makes the world a very small place...

Oh and I have a twitter account now. Not that I do much with it. About as much as I do with this blog. No, not even that much.

Friday 4 March 2011

My fabulous tour of London's finest Burritos... on skates.

So... last year, I used to regularly run street skates on Wednesday evenings during the winter (there's already a far more official organised Wednesday skate during the summer).
Part of the fun was that I'd make the route up as I went along, and pretty much everyone who joins in really likes this.
I haven't run one for a while now though, partly because I got lazy and partly because of my fabulous girlfriend who I'd rather spend time with... but she's out of town at the moment, so I ran a skate. Yay! I was so pleased with the turnout - about 12 people, which isn't bad for a freezing Wednesday night.

This time though, I had no idea which way to go. It had been so long... and what was the first thing that sprang to mind? Burritos of course! So my route consisted of skating to one burrito place, and then from there to the next. At one point I was thinking 3 places ahead to plan the best route...

We covered Poncho No. 8, Daddy Donkey x2, The Flying Burrito, Burro Burrito, Mas Burritos x3, Tortilla x2, Buen Provecho, Picante, Benito's Hat x2, Chipotle, Freebird, Adobo, Burrito Bros and Luardo's.

Unfortunately my route didn't take us past Chilango, partly because of a failure to route well on my part, and partly because they seem to have their own exclusive coverage area that no other burrito places dare encroach on, which is kind of cool, but also not cool because it means it's really awkward for me to get there at lunchtime!

In other news, Steve Ells (founder of Chipotle) was in Chipotle on Tuesday, which was cool :D
Oh and I went to Daddy Donkey again, who are back up there on quality so I'll have to revise my ranking. And they are across the road from Prufrock which is a fabulous coffee place. So fabulous in fact, that they let us sit there and eat our burritos. Yummy!