Tuesday 21 April 2015

2014 sucked, and here's why!

Yes, I know I thought 2014 would be better than 2013, but I was way wrong. That lovely girl I was seeing went back to her country, leaving me with this gaping chasm of nothing to do. But I have nothing bad to say about her. She was (and still is) awesome! Easy come, easy go I suppose :/
That job I started, that I quit consulting for because it was full of promise, turned out to be pretty lame. It's a great company to work for but not if you work in IT. That Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 I bought? Needed about £2000 of repairs, and still doesn't feel right. And I started to suffer from epic knee problems. Bummer...

But something must have gone right?

Yes, I met an awesome person when I was in Barcelona for work. She is the awesomes. It's not often I make such a good friend in such a short time. I went to my first Formula 1 race while I was in Barcelona. I was invited to join a research alliance of senior IT leaders (and I accepted the invitation). I bought a cheap Mercedes E240 estate car to replace the dodgy BMW I'd bought in 2013, and it's given me 13000 (almost) trouble-free miles including 3 epic road trips. Bargain! I generally had lots of cool adventures and a great summer. The ski trip I organised to Tignes went really well. That calls for another list of lessons learned I suppose...

1. Tignes Les Boisses is on the far edge of Tignes.
2. When booking a ski holiday in a block of apartments that is newly-constructed, be prepared for construction to still be ongoing when you get there.
3. There is only one pub in Tignes Les Boisses, and it's miles away from the apartments.
4. If you decide to have lunch at 2pm in Le Fornet with a snowstorm brewing, be prepared for an epic mission to get back to Tignes before the last lift closes. Do not expect to get all the way back to Les Boisses. It just isn't going to happen.
5. Private bus companies will print pretty much anything you want on the sign they put in the bus.
6. There is a free bus service between Tignes Val Claret, Le Lac and Les Boisses.
7. If you go to Tignes, stay in Val Claret or Le Lac. It's worth the extra money.
8. Eurostar will make a seperate group area for you if you tell them you are expecting a group of 45 people to show up.
9. My skiing has considerable room for improvement.
10. I seem to have misplaced my snowboard mojo.