Tuesday 23 August 2011

Holy Cow!

So, apart from testing a random iPhone app, I haven't posted on here for a while.
What's going on?

Well, I suppose I ought to write about the personal training sessions I've been having. I've lost 2kg so far, and it's looking good. So big shout out to the IgnitePT massive, who found me on Qype many moons ago and who I ended up going to for pain and torture in the name of good health.
I've also been working on some stuff at home. Had an electrician in the other day to mount my TVs on the wall... I was going to get a new sofa too, so I would have a nice new comfy place to sit and open up some space in my living room. Unfortunately now the TVs look too small, so I had to order a bigger one for the living room. I may have gone overboard though, as I got a bargain on a 56" Cinema screen 21:9 ratio TV. D'oh! Anyway the tv came out of the sofa fund, so I ordered some cheaper sofas from Poland, on ebay. They actually look quite good and at half the price of the other one I was looking at in Marks and Spencer, they might be the bargain of the decade!
Oh and I think I'm cleaned of my burrito addiction. I haven't had one for a while and the last one I had was a Poncho No. 8 (which my friend called ponchoi lol), of which I could only finish half. No wait, I forgot I had one (well half) last week too, from Chilango in Bluewater. Fail... guess I'm still addicted!
I've got a bunch more stuff to write but I'll save that for later posts :)