Monday 1 November 2010

Why am I creating this post?

I don't even know.

Oh well, I don't know why I do lots of things :)

So it was Halloween last weekend. That can mean only one thing (well, apart from being the only time in the year that the underworld and this world are in sync, or whatever). The Halloween skate. I love this skate. Everyone dresses up and there's a party at the end, it's so much fun :)

Last year I went as Iron Man, which was a bit of a cop out as I went as Iron Man the year before too. It's mainly because I couldn't really afford a costume last year, but also because I didn't know what else to be.

This year, I wanted to be Iron Man again, but Iron Man 2, with the mark VI suit. Unfortunately, unlike the previous suit, the new one costs 4 times more, doesn't come with gloves or fake boots, and won't fit me because they only make it in one size, so although it would have been awesome... no.

So I had a Kick-Ass costume instead. That was pretty awesome actually, moreso than Iron Man. As I was skating to the park, sooooo many girls were smiling at me (maybe laughing but still), and some guys drove past in a car and shouted "You suck Kick-Ass" which was really funny!

Lots of people liked the costume, but for some reason on facebook there's an abnormally large number of photos of my bum. I don't know why this is, but it definitely looks big in the suit. D'oh!

Yesterday I went for dinner to a lovely little Japanese place that's like a family run version of Wagamama. I don't remember the name but it was somewhere in Clapham, not far from Big Fat Panda. Wheeee :)

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