Tuesday 2 November 2010

Burrito Fail VI

It's rather unfortunate that there are more burrito fails on my blog than any other type of burrito related post, but I suppose that's inevitable given the crop of Mexican street food canteens that are opening around the place.

So why burrito fail VI?

Well the answer is Mexicali. Now... I've been to the Chelsea branch previously and thought it was ok. It's no Benito's Hat or Chilango but it still turns out a respectable burrito. Unfortunately their soho branch is rather lacking.

The place looked intreaguing, and reminded me of an authentic Mexican taqueria, right down to the fire alarm button hanging off the wall, suspended only by the wire connected to it.
I knew it was doomed fo failure when the person making my burrito put a tablespoon of rice in it. There was no choice of beans, and the chicken was terrible. The lettuce looked like it came from Tesco Value, and when they wrapped it up, the tortilla cracked up. This would have been ok if it were served in a foil wrapper, but it was served in a paper tub, making it difficult to eat.

After one bite I knew the burrito sucked. I poured lots of chilli sauce into it in the hope that it would make it taste nice, but I had to abandon the burrito just past the half way point. What a disappointment.

I was thinking of classifying this insult to donkeys as above top secret, fearful that it may put people off burritos, but the world needs to know that this place sucks. If I see another branch open up I will be very sad indeed.

Chipotle corporation... if you are reading this, please buy Mexicali and rebrand to Chipotle, so you can put London out of its burrito misery.

My stomach is rumbling, not from hunger but from the contents of the burrito. This does not bode well. It means my internal BurritOS operating system has detected my system running in degraded performance mode...

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