Monday 24 October 2011

What is there to compute?

I was installing the Sophos Enterprise console version 4.7… After about 10 reboots of installing various requirements, it finally got round to the upgrade installation. One of the screens said “Computing space requirements”

What was it computing? Don’t they already know how much space an installation requires?

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Who decides to open Tower Bridge at 5pm?

It causes traffic chaos and gridlock all around.

That is all...

Thursday 6 October 2011

Rest in peace, Mr Jobs

The world has been changed by three apples; The first was offered to Eve, the second fell on Isaac Newton's head and the third was offered to the world with a bite taken out of it, by Steve Jobs.

Love or loathe the products he produced and sold, there can be no doubt that apple computers, run by Steve Jobs, changed the world. Although I was never much of a fan in more recent years, this was actually partly due to the success and following enjoyed by the products. They were very good but they came at a price I was not willing to pay, until I got my iPhone. Rewind a few years and I remember my friend Ben telling me about his new Macintosh computer, and playing on it when he got it back in about 1988. I really wanted one but couldn't afford one, and was vehemently anti-Microsoft until about 1997 when I first used Windows 95 and found it quite good. I had apple stickers on my wall, including one that said "Windows 95 = Macintosh '89" which I got at a Mac Expo in Earl's Court.

Anyway, Steve Jobs changed the way we think about computers. He changed them from being geek toys into consumer devices that everyone could use to accomplish tasks and make their lives easier.

What I find more impressive is that he only stepped down from his position at Apple in August this year, so he really did fight to the end.

Steve, rest in peace; you will be missed.