Thursday 14 October 2010

Moolis are not Burritos

I tried Mooli's today.

It's like an Indian burrito without the rice and beans. Or an Indian schwarma without the garlic sauce.

What did I think? Well it was quite tasty but it's no burrito and it's no schwarma. I'd rather have a burrito or a schwarma any day. Except when I don't want either of those or a pizza, in which case a mooli will make an acceptable substitute. This was largely down to the ratio of meat to vegetables. There wasn't enough meat and many vegetables were used to fill up the volume of an already small parcel.

In my burrito ranking it would be placed just above Mas Burritos and 1910 Mexican Kitchen, meaning I'd rather have a mooli than a burrito from either of those places.

Give them a try - you might like them :)

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