Thursday 10 February 2011

Another week off between Christmas and New Year

Cripes. I was meant to write another 4 posts, and completely forgot, and only came back to write another post about mobile phones after reading Jason's post on his blog.

So I guess I'll try and write them all now...

So, another week off between Christmas and New Year.
I'm not sure whether I mentioned this before, but the reason I go away to the mountains every Christmas is because I really dislike the boring week off work, where everything is closed. Before I had a car it was even worse, because on Christmas day I had a choice between watching TV or chatting on MSN. I couldn't even get a bus to see my family, because no buses run on Christmas day. In the mountains however, it's just another normal day, only someone else cooks Christmas dinner for you. Sweet.

This year was different though. Due to Christmas day falling on a Saturday, I arrived back from the mountains on Boxing day, leaving me with 5 full days until the next weekend. What would I do?

Well, it was pretty quiet. I spent a lot of time sleeping, but I also decided to round up the people who were in London over the holidays and get together for dinner at Piccolino in Heddon Street. I quite like Piccolino and a booking for 8 people soon became 18, and then 22, so they gave us a private dining room. How posh! Everyone was happy and in a strange twist of events, there wasn't a single problem with the bill being short, so thanks to everyone who came for a) coming and b) paying your fair share.

Not much else happened during this week. It was boring. I hope I don't have another week this boring for a while (well, I suppose for another 6 or 7 years).

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