Wednesday 30 November 2011


All this striking bugs me somewhat. There are too many public sector workers as it is. The previous government artificially created lots of jobs to keep unemployment figures low, and introduced a mass of expensive regulation that cost both the private sector and the taxpayer a huge amount of money. They borrowed billions every year to fund these jobs, and now the people who have them are going on strike to protest at pension reforms.
At least they have pensions.
What I find amusing is that (admittedly only a few hours into my working day) everything is running smoothly. My drive to work was traffic-free, probably because nobody is meddling with the traffic light system. Reports on the radio suggest things are going more smoothly at airports with passengers being greeted with friendly smiles instead of the usual suspicion, and to top it all off, the weather forecasters must be on strike because it’s sunny! Smile with tongue out
It will be interesting to see how badly services are affected with all these people not working. If everything runs smoothly, all they prove is that they aren’t needed and can be made redundant. And who will pay their unemployment benefit if they are made redundant? Well, the same people who pay their salaries now; the taxpayer.
Of course nobody reads this blog so my opinion is out there waiting to be quoted or linked or tweeted, but it’s unlikely it will ever see the light of day! D’oh Smile

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