Thursday 16 September 2010

Burrito Fail II


I took the tube to work this morning. For some reason despite loving the Boris Bike system I really didn't feel like riding one this morning. I think it has to do with exhausted legs from wearing my speed skates on the LondonSkate last night, as I didn't feel like skating either. Plus there were no bikes, which made that decision easier.

So I picked up the City AM paper to read on the tube, and there it was on the first page. Free Burritos! Turn to page 23. I naturally turned to page 23 to find Tortilla are opening their 5th branch at Leadenhall Market today, and to celebrate Mexican Independence day they are giving away a free burrito to the first 200 customers.

Why is this a Burrito fail? Well, because I don't work anywhere near Leadenhall Market!

I declare today to be Pizza Thursday. I shall be dining Italian style at Adagio instead. So there :p

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