Wednesday 15 September 2010

Burrito Fail

I have become a bit of a burrito connosieur of late. For some reason there are a lot of burrito places opening up around London.

This is a good thing.

Today however, we went back to El Burrito and it fell short of our expectations. My burrito suffered a catastrophic tortilla containment failure and I had to abandon my attempt to finish eating it.

What does all of this mean, you may ask? Well, a burrito is a delicate meal. It contains several ingredients all wrapped in a tortilla. If the tortilla fails, it all spills out and generally creates a mess everywhere. This is what burrito connosieurs call a critical mess.

So anyway, of the burrito places I have tried so far, this is my ranking:

1. Daddy Donkey. This is the daddy of burritos. Shame there's nowhere to sit.
2. Benito's Hat. Benito and his hat previously held equal second place with El Burrito, however with the recent failure, it now has a secure second place.
3. Chipotle. Chipotle is great. They assemble burritos with clinical precision, and the taste is great every time. The big issue I have with them is that they charge £1.40 for guacamole. £1.40!! It should be illegal to charge so much!
4. Chilango.
5. Tortilla. You have to get Tortilla at the right time. If it's quiet the meat can be dry.
6. Mexicala
6. El Burrito (dropped down from equal 2nd place).
8. Mas Burritos. This place is too tight with their fillings, and their burritos suffer from bad construction problems.
9. 1910 Mexican Kitchen. This place is too posh to be a real burrito place, and they wrap the burritos with the foil inside out. They don't taste particularly great either.

You may be wondering why Burrito Bros, Taqueria or Burro Burrito don't feature in this list. The reason is that I haven't tried them yet. Burrito Bros is in the wrong place. Taqueria is even further away, and although Burro Burrito is next door to my flat, the place is never open!! Grrrr! :)

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