Saturday 13 March 2010

F1 and other things

Wow I haven't followed Formula 1 racing for a loooong time. Probably not since I started skating really.

So Michael Schumacher is back. I was always a fan of him but even I got bored when he kept winning. He seems slower than he was, so I can take comfort in knowing that even the fastest people slow down with age.

It's also nice to see Lotus returning to racing, though would be way cooler if they could be sponsored by John Player Special again (yes the cigarette brand) to get the black and gold colours they used to race with. Then it would remind me of my old Lotus Scalextric car :)

What else is nice? Oh yeah, it's back on the BBC. What's not nice is that I can't seem to get rid of the bit in the corner that says 'Sport Home' with a red button.

Now I am torn between watching the race tomorrow and going to see some random film I never heard of at an obscene hour (something like 10am).

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