Friday 12 March 2010


This morning I found myself unable to focus on anything (with my eyes). It was quite disconcerting, but my boss suggested I go for a walk. So I did.
During my travels I went into Robert Dyas, and bought myself a set of Allen keys and a shower hose thing. I got to the checkout and the nice lady asked me if I wanted to buy some antibacterial soap for £1. Apparently the Tesco price is £1.29, so I said ok. After I paid, she gave me a 20% off voucher, valid the same day. I said "aww, you could have told me earlier" so she refunded everything except the soap, then charged again for the Allen keys and shower hose and saved me £3.20. And as an extra bonus, the computer printed another 20% off voucher! Woo-hoo!

Now what else do I need to buy from Robert Dyas?? :)

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