Monday 8 March 2010

Happy International Womens' Day

Happy Day to all you fabulous (and not so fabulous) women today, international or otherwise.

In other news, I cycled to work today, for the first time ever. It was quite nice, but I think I'll go back to my car tomorrow because it's going to rain. Cycling in London (as well as skating and driving) confirms that the average motorist here is completely clueless. It's all about following stupid rules that try and fit everyone, but really fit nobody, and there are so many of them that people just switch off as long as they are below the speed limit. In the car at 30mph I switch off because there is nothing to engage me, so I'm probably more of a danger to other road users at this speed than I would be at 40 or 50mph along the same stretch of road. On my bike it's frustrating having to stop at red traffic lights when there is no other traffic around, not to mention inefficient. And cycle lanes often run in stupid places. One nice thing about cycling though, is that I can hold buses up. Makes me feel all smug when I manage to do that :)

When I am in charge of the universe, the DLR will be replaced with a covered cycle and skate track, with rope lifts to pull skaters up onto it.

Ok, so... I made a second post. Yay!

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